Welcome to the website of the Astronomical Science Group of Ireland (ASGI). The ASGI was founded in 1974 to encourage collaboration in astronomy and astrophysics between research groups from Ireland and Northern Ireland. Consisting of a number of affiliated universities and other organisations, the group is one of the oldest cross-border bodies on the island of Ireland.

The Irish astrophysics community is small but active, conducting research in areas such as stellar physics, solar system science, galactic physics, cosmology, high-energy astrophysics, extra-solar planets, and solar physics. Our researchers use scientific instruments on European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA missions, and at a variety of ground-based observatories. Primary objectives of the community are to join the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and to build an advanced low-frequency radio telescope called LOFAR in Ireland.

Public outreach is a major part of astrophysics research, and there are many links here to events happening all over the island of Ireland as well as information on how to contact scientists about giving talks at events and in schools.

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