Postgraduate Astrophysics

There are many opportunities for pursuing astrophysics research in Irish universities after completing an astrophysics-related degree. The research groups listed on the Research page all accept postgraduate students, while current vacancies are listed on the Newspage. If you are interested in a postgraduate research position, it is best to find a topic of interest and contact the researcher engaged in that topic directly.

Most postgraduate students engaged in astrophysics research in Irish research groups are paid a stipend either from an individual research award or from a grant awarded to the research group. Funding opportunities are available from the various bodies listed below.

Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology (IRCSET)

IRCSET operate several multi-million euro research funding initiatives which support talented researchers in their early stage career formation across Masters, Doctoral and Postdoctoral levels in the area of science, engineering and technology. They award both fellowships for both postgraduate and postdoctoral positions via annual calls in February and October respectively.
Prospective postgraduate candidates are required to submit a personal statement and a project proposal to be written after discussion with the proposed supervisor. Prospectivepostdoctoral candidates are also required to submit a project proposal to be written after discussion with the proposed advisor.

University Fellowships

Many of the universities and institutions hosting research groups offer fellowships to postgraduate students, comprising a stipend for the student and in some cases funding to enable the student to travel to national and international conferences to present their research. Details on this funding option is typically available from the graduate studies office of the relevant institution.

Postgraduate Taught Masters Course

University College Dublin launched a new MSc in Space Science and Technology in 2013. This is a one-year taught Masters programme. Full details are available at