Peter Curran Award

The ASGI is pleased to announce the establishment of a new award, to be presented at each future annual Irish National Astronomy Meeting. The award will recognise the best contributions to INAM by a graduate student presenter.

The award is named after one of the most distinguished members of Ireland’s astronomical diaspora, Peter Curran, who did a BSc and MSc in University College Cork, a Ph.D. in the Anton Pannekoek Astronomical Institute of the University of Amsterdam, and went on to develop a strong research programme in GRBs at The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) in Curtin University in Perth, following positions at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL) of University College London, and the Service d’Astrophysique, CEA-Saclay near Paris.

Dr Klass Wiersema, who knew Peter well, delivered a great speech about him and his contribution to astronomy at INAM 2016. The text of this is available here

**** 2016 Winners *****

The winner of the Peter Curran Award 2016 for best student talk is Donna Rodgers Lee from the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. Her talk title was “Low energy protostellar cosmic rays in protoplanetary disks”

The winner of the Peter Curran Award 2016 for best student poster is Aoife Maria Ryan

Special mentions also go to Cormac Larkin for his talk “Photometric data mining and the search for massive stars  in the SMC” and to Sarah Walsh for her poster “‘Temporal and spectral behavior of very late X-ray GRB afterglows”